Friday, February 6, 2009

Gun Control.

Gun Control Law all ready to go:H.R. 45 is ready to start taking away second amendment rights. A friend pointed this out to me. This is a synopsis: * You will have to carry a photo ID firearms license. * A training class is required to be licensed. * Disclosure of your storage method is required for license. * A thumb print is required for license. * Every sale recorded by the federal government. * If you move, and don't tell the Attorney General within 60 days, you are a criminal. * If a firearm is stolen and you don't report it, you are a criminal. * There will be no grandfathered firearms. * If you do not obtain a license and report every firearm you currently own, you are a criminal. * There will be a license fee and a fee for the "services" provided at purchase time. * Licenses must be renewed every 5 years.The Bill, H.R. 45, is dated 6 January, 2009, and the liberals are already on the move. Here is the text of the bill -- from the Government Printing Office: Got this from Bruce over at internet grocer.

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