Sunday, February 15, 2009

NOW,for something completly different!

I'M stimulused out and taking a break from DOOM+GLOOM, preps,politics,religion,ETC. The people I've met in the last year: Senator Mel Martinez , from the great state of Florida, drummer, Brian(Head)Welsh, from the heavy rock group Korn, Actor Tim Curry, basketball great Shaquille O'Neil , Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla and yesterday, Paula Abdul, who seems like a real nice lady. Sometimes as much as I dislike my job there are some perks. I'm dedicating this article to Robert(Mr. Spenser for Hire)Urich, who I irritated to tears 20 years ago on a flight from Savanna Ga. and who died awhile back, sorry Bob. Update, and today May 6th 2009 Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. I saw this short guy in front of me with a black T-Shirt that said in bold letters- MEDICINAL and a pot leaf, I said," nice shirt" he looked over his sun glasses and said," thanks", then I recognized him and asked for his autograph, which he did;right behind was Tommy Chong(who was looking rough) we shook hands and talked for a few minutes and by the way had a nice looking wife.

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