Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pay Attention!

Last week I had to attend a class, mostly, about paying attention and being familiar with your environment, so you can recognize when something is "not quite right" whether at the local Walmart or Quick Stop Gas station etc.. Body language plays about 80% of behavioral detection. Identify the threat, observe individual or group behavior, view behavior as either routine or different; be aware that people intending to do you harm may (subconsciously) exhibit atypical or suspicious behaviors; trust your GUT instinct . When I'm out and someone approaches me , I keep some distance; if asked directions, don't look away when pointing the direction; if approached by a group, avoid making eye contact; speed up your walking or cross the street if need be.Here in Central FL., crime is epidemic , especially against the elderly and home invasions . The 24 hr. Pharmacy's are targeted mainly for Oxycontin, so stay away late at night and/or early mornings. Every day on the news a Quick Mart or pharmacy is robbed; anyway you get the gist. A couple of good references are Body Language for Dummies and The Definitive Book of Body Language-Reading People. STAY ALERT- STAY ALIVE. And Remember don't pay your taxes, and YOU can be Secretary of the Treasury!

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