Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pay Attention!

Last week I had to attend a class, mostly, about paying attention and being familiar with your environment, so you can recognize when something is "not quite right" whether at the local Walmart or Quick Stop Gas station etc.. Body language plays about 80% of behavioral detection. Identify the threat, observe individual or group behavior, view behavior as either routine or different; be aware that people intending to do you harm may (subconsciously) exhibit atypical or suspicious behaviors; trust your GUT instinct . When I'm out and someone approaches me , I keep some distance; if asked directions, don't look away when pointing the direction; if approached by a group, avoid making eye contact; speed up your walking or cross the street if need be.Here in Central FL., crime is epidemic , especially against the elderly and home invasions . The 24 hr. Pharmacy's are targeted mainly for Oxycontin, so stay away late at night and/or early mornings. Every day on the news a Quick Mart or pharmacy is robbed; anyway you get the gist. A couple of good references are Body Language for Dummies and The Definitive Book of Body Language-Reading People. STAY ALERT- STAY ALIVE. And Remember don't pay your taxes, and YOU can be Secretary of the Treasury!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The New Administration

As we welcome the new Clinton Administration to office, "OOP's, excuse me," the new Obama Regime to D.C; One of the first thing's on the agenda is the closing of the confinement facility at GITMO. Is the new regime going to relocate the Terrorists here, release them or build new confinement's here at the tax payers expense? We need to stop worrying about Muslim and International opinion These animals took up arm's not only against us, their Governments and their own people; they had no qualms to massacre the innocent Women and Children , to destroy countless millions of dollars in property at a whim; afterword, go home , eat dinner, pray, and go to bed. To not keep them incarcerated in the most miserable place imaginable is a slap in the face to every American, Veterans and the Men and Women of the Armed Forces. I have a vested interest, our only SON is in Iraq; am I to expect to have him go into harms way again? How am I to trust a man who has befriended known Terrorists and Religious extremists to do the right thing?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Shot Show

While on my way to the salt mine yesterday at the local Central FL. Airport, whining severely about how frigging cold it was, I was telling myself the need to post a blog. Later, in the morning at my check point a group of passengers came thru with gun and manufacturer logos on their shirts , " man the Shot Show was at the Orange County Convention Center this weekend and I missed it!" So, I got to question them throughout the day about attendance, what was selling etc.,surprisingly, they had an excellent show; attendance was high considering the economy in this part of the country. The gun dealers had record sales in hand guns, selling out quickly, ammo, mags and accessories doing really good; concealed weapons permit Instructors had to turn people away. Is this the sign of depressed times, 'historic crime levels'.... maybe or is it the new administration taking over on Tuesday; most definitely. I believe we are losing time to stock up... get prepared; lastly, if you are traveling by air, place your GUNS, AMMO and KNIVES in your CHECKED baggage.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Solar System

I installed a solar charging system on my Motorhome a couple years ago. Whenever we would dry dock, the generator would have to be started to use any heavy electric load or to charge the batteries.So I installed four 55 watt solar panels, an inverter charger, a 30 amp charge controller with a Catastrophe fuse, and inverter remote control panel inside the motorhome to save the trouble of going outside to control the unit. Now, without being plugged in we can run everything except the A.C. on six(6)-6 volt battries run in parallel. When the generator is started,the built in charger has the ability to recharge from the generator when we over use or when solar doesn't provide enough during bad weather.

Parmalat Milk

I have been using Parmalat milk for years, but it can get alittle pricey. The shelf life is one year unopened and must be refregerated up to 7 days after opening. the milk is heated to an ultra high temperature and is packaged in a special box to lock out the light and air.
Recently, I was at the Ft. Eustis, VA. Commissary and picked up a case of one quarts for $l.00 a box. This is great for keeping in the truck and for traveling. On a recent Elk hunting trip in Wyoming, the small 8 ounce boxes prooved to be invaluable in saving the water to mix instant dry milk.