Monday, March 23, 2009

On the flipside.

Okay, Now Everyone Calm Down. An article by Roy Huntington of American HandGunner stating maybe we shouldn't hoard Ammo.
The buying frenzy going on in our industry right now surpasses anything that went on when Clinton got into office. Dealers who might normally sell two or three AR-type rifles a month report selling literally, “hundreds.” I attended the Tulsa, Okla. gunshow recently (the biggest one going these days) and can report there was not an unsold round of .223, 9mm or .45 to be seen. One dealer told me he sold, “Over 175,000 rounds in 45 minutes this morning.” It sort of reminds me of the run on banks after the stock market crash — which led to the depression.Do you remember about 20 years ago when there was a rumor toilet paper was going to be in short supply? And sure enough, all the toilet paper in every supply stream was sold out immediately causing — you guessed it — a shortage of toilet paper, when there would normally have been plenty.And we’re doing it again. Yes, the democrats are in office, and every time they take on the “gun culture” they got their noses bloodied. Am I concerned about Obama and what he and his peers may do? You bet. But think about this: their hands are full right now with war, economy, jobs and all those hundreds of promises they made during the months prior to the elections. The very last thing they want to do right now is take on millions of angry gun-owning Americans (many of whom, it seems, stayed home on election day allowing this to happen?!?). While some in our industry are clapping their hands raking in the dough, with sales going through the roof, we forget what happened before. I hope they are banking most of it, because it lasts a year, maybe a bit more, then bang, the lid shuts. Every consumer out there will have spent their ten-year gun-wad buying cases of .223 and ARs by the truck-full. Mom’s unhappy with all that spending and the kids still need shoes. Meanwhile, the guns and ammo are collecting dust. And if they outlaw those guns, how many of you think they’ll let us keep the ones we bought in our frenzy? Go ahead, put your hands up. How many? So … we need to calm down. Spend as you normally would, support your local dealers, order that gun you’ve always wanted, go hunting, shoot some ammo, buy reloading components, get that new holster, but don’t be a lemming. I know many of you will disagree. But, I’m very concerned about a year or two from now, when dealer’s doors are shut permanently because there’s little business, and manufacturers are laying people off and going out of business. It happened with the frenzy that occurred with Clinton’s election, and it’s happening again. Are we destined to repeat history? It makes better sense to be well-informed, united and strong —in business, in knowledge and in numbers — to tackle the long-term fight that is surely ahead of us. It will be impossible for Obama to deliver on the countless vaporous promises he and his party made. And we’ll be watching, and when his supporters realize they made a terrible mistake, I think they’ll distance themselves — fast. And the “former” darling of the press will then become the target. Arguably, the most under-qualified and inexperienced candidate ever to be elected to this office has the power now, and I hope they’re smug about what they’ve done to this great country, but he’s not a god and we still have the checks and balances in place. I don’t wish them failure, I won’t taunt, I won’t do anything but wish for a successful term — unlike the concerted attack they’ve made on the Bush administration since the very beginning. I want them to be successful when it comes to the economy, our safety and our strength as a country — and I’ll even help. But now it’s put-up or shut-up time, as the saying goes. And we need to be smart to keep our industry strong.But don’t mess with my gun rights, Mr. President. Just don’t.

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