Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden Double Tapped

This is a great time for our country,and a great time to be an AMERICAN. A mass murderer is DEAD, no proof, but I'm fairly certain he's fish food.But, the media is acting like he is the one Dissed for not being armed, the wife trying to protect him and the way his body was treated. But, if I was FAMILY or FRIEND of one of his victims I would be Incensed, Frigging LIVID of the way the body was handled! I figured they would of thrown it out the helicopter, but oh no they take it to a carrier and prepare it for a proper burial! ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME! HLN says properly laid to rest, on top of that we find out he was living in plain sight for better than five years. What was he doing working at the neighborhood liquor store? Did Pakistan know? Of course they did. The head of Pakistani Intelligence paid Mohammad Atta 500,000 Dollars days before the 9/11 attacks; of course they knew.Leon Penata says they knew or are incompetent so whats that say about our government  So our government spends BILLIONS of dollars looking for him makes me wonder how well they can protect us.I only wished it had been a Jewish sailor that prepped the body.

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